Computer Futures opens its second office at WeWork Kyobashi in Tokyo

Computer Futures, a leading IT specialist recruitment company and part of the larger SThree Group, has recently opened another office within the WeWork complex in Kyobashi in January 2019. This follows the expansion of the business and a subsequent increase in headcount.


SThree Japan has achieved an outstanding increase in GP of 85% in 2018, and Computer Futures is proud for having played a major role in this achievement. The team has seen a rapid growth since its launch in Japan and we owe this to our fast response to the talent shortage in the Japanese tech market and for having successfully provided solutions to our clients by leveraging both our global reach and local expertise.

As a result of an increase in hiring and strong staff retention, we have officially outgrown the office space we had. While looking for a new office space – a fairly lengthy process in Japan, we wanted to make sure we didn’t slow down and as a short-term measure, we have invested in some space in WeWork close to our main office at Ginza” said Chris Reilly, Director at Computer Futures Tokyo.


Why WeWork?

WeWork is a co-working space mainly targeted at entrepreneurs and start-ups. This collaborative workplace ties in well with our business model and we have seen a huge potential for networking and collaboration facilitated by the WeWork community.

“WeWork has definitely been a great choice for our expansion. WeWork is a young, dynamic place which is disrupting the decades old office management market. It’s a great match for the teams we moved there who service our ‘Online’ or ‘Digital’ customers. These teams work with many start-ups and place international engineers, marketers and sales people in areas like adtech, fintech, online travel and so on. The WeWork space fits perfectly with their brand nicely.”

We are very excited to be a part of the WeWork community and participate in various types of onsite events. These include occasional networking opportunities and workshops on different topics, such as offshore software development and insights on how to break into the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) market. Computer Futures is actively engaged in the community and we look forward to regularly hosting meet-up events for professionals in the online and digital industry.


What challenges did we experience?

Expanding to a satellite office has been a major milestone for Computer Futures and also the start of a new journey for Chris who moved to SThree Tokyo from the SThree Manchester office two years ago. Back then, SThree just opened in Tokyo and the office space was under-utilised with only two people kick-starting the business. However, within those two years, the office reached full capacity with 40 people following the success of SThree Japan and the efforts of the team.

Moving to WeWork also had its fair share of challenges. From a leadership perspective, we ran the risk of fragmenting SThree’s inclusive culture as a result of having the team divided across two locations. However, thanks to the two managers based in WeWork – Tommy Haviland and Alexander Jenner, there was a seamless transition in terms of culture and performance. At SThree, we believe that having a great office environment is key to our retention and growth and we understand that we have to work hard to keep this consistent – especially now that the team is physically separated across two locations.

Another challenge we experienced relates to the on-boarding process of new starters. Anyone starting in the WeWork office is unknown to the staff at the main office, so we really wanted to make sure they feel part of the SThree family and have opportunities to build relationships with the entire Tokyo team. To help solve this issue, we have organised regular office swaps to rotate the WeWork office teams back into the main office once a week. Likewise, this gave our people in the main office the chance to experience WeWork.


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