Computer Futures

What We Do

What We Do

With over 30 years of tech recruitment experience, Computer Futures is a globally leading specialist technology recruitment company. We create partnerships between businesses seeking talent and highly skilled professionals looking for jobs.

Essentially, there isn't a tech job we can't fill. 

Looking for talent?

Our IT recruitment and employment solutions are driven by your unique needs. When we partner with a business, our consultants take the time to gain a deep understanding of your organization so that we can develop a tailored and cohesive recruitment strategy. Our consultants are focused on specific areas of IT markets, allowing us to offer truly in-depth knowledge regarding the unique challenges and requirements facing your business.

You might be looking for a whole team of software developers, or maybe you need an entire business development team to completely re-define the direction of your business, whatever your needs, we’ll find the talent.

Searching for a job?

When it comes to helping highly skilled professionals find a job, our approach is similar. Whether you’re looking for the best Salesforce Administrator jobs, the most exciting Cyber Security Analyst jobs, or you want to find your next software development challenge, we’re here to help.

As IT recruitment and employment specialists, we understand everyone’s looking for something slightly different from their next role. That’s why our consultants work closely with you to fully understand your skills, experience, and requirements. For some people, work-life balance and flexibility is crucial, yet for others a generous benefits package could be what you’re looking for. By getting to know you, we can find a position that’s the right technical and cultural fit, so that you’re fulfilled both professionally and personally.

Our Process

Our industry-leading candidate accreditation process allows us to provide tech recruitment solutions in a way that’s quick, reliable, and compliant. You can read more about how this works, and how you can partner with Computer Futures here.

Our Dedicated Salesforce Offering

We have a dedicated team of specialist recruitment consultants equipped with extensive knowledge across the entire Salesforce space. Whether you’re looking for Salesforce talent to enhance your company, or you’re a professional interested in finding out more about the variety of positions we have available, our team are here for you.


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