Computer Futures

Computer Futures Accreditation Process

We believe that transparency is key when it comes to recruitment. Our industry-leading accreditation process gives skilled professionals the chance to stand out from the crowd and provides businesses full transparency when it comes to finding highly skilled and qualified professionals.

Our four-step process

Technical Test

 All professionals go through a 30-45 minute telephone screening process, allowing us to learn crucial details about     recent projects.

Technical Test

Our technical testing doesn’t just assess technical competence; we’re able to identify key attributes, such as cultural fit, locality, US work status, and verify any necessary certifications.


By meeting all professionals (either in person or via Skype), we’re able to further ensure candidate credibility and identify a strong cultural match.

Reference Checks

Thanks to our accreditation process, all professionals are extensively verified by us before the recruitment process begins.


Our accreditation process means we're able to create partnerships between trustworthy, reliable, and highly skilled professionals.


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