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Market Reports

At Computer Futures, our IT recruitment consultants are subject-matter experts across a range of IT markets and technologies. And we love sharing our knowledge, that’s why we decided to put together some key insights that we thought you might find interesting.

Salesforce 2017 Market Report

Are you interested in finding out the latest about hiring trends and salaries in the Salesforce Market? Take a look at our latest report and learn how to hire top talent before your competition and proactively combat "catfishing" from job applicants. Click here to learn more….


Adobe Q1 2017 Market Report

In this report we examine emerging trends in the AEM market including: the dramatic increase in hiring post-election, the development of sub-niches, and new laws relating to H1B employees. We also discuss how to develop an plan to proactively address these changes and take a look at current pay rates. Click here to learn more….

AEM Market Report Q2 

The Adobe Summit confirmed that there is a continuing demand for AEM candidates in the market. There are approximately 15 jobs available for every technologist. In this report we discuss the different philosophies behind consulting versus full time staffing, and AEM recruiting options. Click here to learn more…….

AEM Report Q1 2016 

In this report we investigate market trends from a candidate’s perspective. We explore candidate’s priorities when selecting projects. When the market for talent is so intense, It is important for  potential employers to understand motivating factors. Click here to learn more…..  

Salesforce Market Report 2016 

This report investigates how organizations are managing the changing employee expectations and perceptions. It also further examines industry insights based on the perceptions and experiences shared by hiring managers and key stakeholders for Salesforce platforms throughout the US. Click here to learn more…..

Tableau Market Report 2015

This report will look at the current status of the market with the release of Tableau 9.0 in April 2015 and 9.1 following in September. 2015 marks the third consecutive year that Tableau holds the market leader position in Gartner’s Magic “Quadrant for BI and Analytics”. Click here to learn more…. 

Growing a SaaS Business During a Pandemic

13 Jul 2020

There is opportunity in any economy and our recent TECH Talks guest, Igor Krasnykh, CEO of Power Sync, an out-of-the-box SaaS solution for ecommerce businesses.

3 Ways to Embrace AI

09 Jul 2020

What's all the hype about the future of AI and how will it impact your day-to-day? Some people are scared about AI, while others are completely oblivious. Charlie Isaacs, CTO of Customer Connection at Salesforce, explains how IoT and AI are merging to create powerful use cases across healthcare, retail and more.


Building a Thriving Community

02 Jul 2020

Where are people struggling right now? How can we utilize our communities to help each other grow in the Salesforce Ohana and the great world? Stephanie Herrera shares her secrets to growing a global community of helpers.